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New wine security for your wine collection

New Wine Storage Security

Our customers asked for extended opening hours to access their wine collection.  We listened, and have just completed installing a state of the art security system.  Our system ensures both you and your wine are safe at all times, even when we are not there.

Highly Secure Wine Storage

  • With you every step of the way

Our virtual wine cellar guide links you to our security team who can see you at all times and interact with you just by speaking

  • Personalised Pins

You now get personalised pins for building and wine vault entry

  • Personal induction

All wine storage customers get a personal induction at sign up.  This highlights how you access and interact with our security

  • Monitored building access

Not only are all access areas monitored internally but we have also added extra cameras on the building's exterior.  You can even check the coast is clear before leaving the wine cellar

New 7am to 11pm, 7 day hours

We take your security and safety seriously, which is why we have installed a state of the art security system that monitors you during non manned hours.

We still have the high security mentioned opposite, but check out our new 7-11pm security system.

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