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Cellaring Conditions

Our wine cellar is kept at the optimum temperature and humidity to ensure long term cellarage of your wines. With onsite staff to monitor conditions and ensure security, your wines are in a perfect location to reach their peak maturity.


Our wine cellar is kept at the perfect temperature of between 12 and 14 degrees to ensure a stable and consistent environment for long term wine storage.


We know much of the world has followed the New worlds lead in using screw cap closures, but there’s nothing like ritual or satisfying pop of a cork opening.  Our cellar humidity is kept at a stable 65-75% humidity to ensure corks are kept in perfect condition to allow your wine to gently breathe whilst they age

Power Failover

Whilst we have a very consistent power grid with multi phase power coming into the building, we wanted to ensure our clients can rely on our wine storage climate at all times. Which is why we have an auto fail-over (UPS) generator, ensuring the cellar keeps at the right temperature even if we were to lose power


On occasions we like to throw a few moves, but we know your wine likes the sedative lifestyle.  Our cellar ensures minimal vibration so your wines can slowly and gracefully age to their true potential


Keeping your wines in a dark place reduces the chance of hydrogen sulphide developing in the aging wine. Our cellars are kept dark other than when a client visits their cellar.  All personal vaults are sealed from major light sources

Water Tight

We have owned this building for over 25 years and know its well above the water line and safe from flooding.  We take great care to ensure the cellar is water tight and free from bugs and pests

Wine Storage Pricing

Our wine storage is designed for long term cellaring however with flexible packages we have wine storage options for everyone.

Our convenient Sydney location does not mean expensive cellarage fees.  We offer highly competitive rates that compare to big warehouse storage much further afield.

Check out our Pricing or Contact Us for a pesonalised wine storage quote.

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