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Rizza for your Cellar – Best Australian Riesling

Riesling is a classic variety for adding to your cellar, high acidity and ample flavour precursors (those chemicals that taste so good, like Lime blossom and citrus) make it a worthwhile investment for your cellar. Add to the fact that you can buy some top wines at prices that would get laughed at if they were Burgundy’s, Bordeaux and alike and it all makes for an attractive proposition.

We covered a few of our favourite German Rieslings here, however having hosted a recent cellar tasting featuring Riesling we realised we hadn’t looked at Australian Rizza for a while. So here is a rundown of some highly recommended Australian Rieslings for your cellar, that aren’t from the normal well known producers.

D’Sas – Drumborg Riesling – 2014

Matthew D’Sciascio has worked around Victoria for many a year and knows Riesling well in both vineyard and winery. His Drumborg releases are exceptional, showcasing his time in Alsace these wines are perfumed, lifted and heady but with a straight shooting, racy acidity that drives the length. Made in small parcels they can be hard to find, best go straight to the source and buy direct.

Granite Hills – Riesling – 2014

This is GH’s 39th consecutive vintage of this wine, 39th! Can you believe it? A real stealth player these guys, but they sell out every year and for good reason. The Riesling comes from a high altitude vineyard on the North Eastern edge of the Macedon ranges. Sitting at 550meters and literally covered in the large granite boulders the area is famous for, this is true cool climate viticulture.

The 2014 is tight, both in pallet weight and its acidity. Lime and lemon sherbet coming through initially and giving way to an austere flinty minerality. This is perfect for long term aging, and for $25 a total steal.

Wilson Vineyards – Polish Hill River – 2015

One of the most consistent Clare Valley producers, this the top Riesling comes from 40 year old vines planted in heavy clay soils. The mineral edge that comes from the vineyard is intense, solid even but with a stunning line of acidity that goes on forever. Think lemon curd, candid lemon and wild flower. We’ve had these in the cellar for years and are still drinking the 1996 which is incredible.   $29

Vinteloper – R/15 Riesling – 2015

Hailing from Watervale, a relative stones throws from Polish Hill comes the Vinteloper 2015 release. Purity was the goal, and pure it is, clean, precise with a big whack of lime blossom and fresh lavender on the nose. Whilst the above all have massive cellarability, this will be a great choice to keep coming back to over the medium to long term. Best bit is you can crack one now and thoroughly enjoy it. $28

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