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How to Store Your Wine in Sydney’s Unpredictble Weather

(Pic: Ashlee Fischer)

It’s already been a hot Sydney summer, but the weather will keep temperatures high and even add bigger changes as cooler nights warm up to hot days. Something your wines really won’t like. Therefore we thought that whilst summer may be on its way out, keeping your wines in pristine condition over the coming months is just as important.

Here are 5 ways to keep your wines in perfect condition:

1. Heat Kills Wine

12 to 13 degree’s Celsius is the perfect temperature to keep your pristine. Anything over 18 will start to prematurely age your wines and produce unpleasant aromas.

2. Temperature Fluctuations are really bad

A hot environment might cook wines, but having somewhere  with quick changes in temperature is even worse. The Garage is a prime example of where not to store your wine, it’s often both the coolest and hottest place in the house.

3.  Avoid Strong light

Bright sunlight will literally kill certain elements in a wine, its why glass bottles are normally green or brown for age worthy wines. Hide your wines from those nasty UV rays somewhere dark, with no vibration.

4. Home Wine Coolers

Super convenient, however the home wine cooler or cellar cabinet needs to be in a place that’s naturally cool, or it will need to pull more power to keep cool and could blowout at the one time you really don’t want it to. Plus it’ll increase your utility bills.

5. Older Wines

Once a wine gets to 8 to 10 years of age they become a little more fragile, more colour and tannin has dropped out (natural antioxidants) and keeping them in a perfect environment becomes even more important. Treat the old dear well.

We hear some many people saying that they keep great wines in the garage or under the stairs, whilst that might be ok for a week or two, any longer and the wine will spoil. So if you care for your wines and really want to enjoy them at their best, choose a cellar space that’s designed for wine storage. Just like ours at Rushcutters Bay.


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